Confirmed Speakers

The course will involve invited speakers from industry and academia to compare and contrast research and practice, as well as transitioning between the two disciplines.


Data is eating the world and developing next generation data-driven applications and systems for working with data is more important than ever before. In addition, the lines between research, applications, and industry are increasingly blurred.

This course will survey modern research in data management – from large scale data processing, modern database engines, to data cleaning and visualization, to secure data management. To ground the discussion, we will host invited speakers that have (or are) transitioned their research work from academia to industry. Depending on timing and interest, select students may be invited to join the speakers for more in-depth discussions over dinner after class.

Students are expected to actively participate in discussions.
Course capped at 25. If waitlist is huge, a small assignment will be used to choose participants.

Recent Announcements


Lecture schedule

1/17: Introduction

1/24: Human-Assisted AI at B12

1/31: Secure Databases

2/07: GPU Databases

2/14: The future of data interaction

2/21: TileDB

2/28: Instabase: Turing your research into a startup

3/07: Cockroach Labs: Raft Made Complex (cancelled)

3/14: Spring Recess

3/21: Snow Day, class cancelled

3/28: The VisTrails Project + Midterm

4/04: 3 Timeless ideas in SQLite

4/11: LogicBlox

4/18: TBA

4/25: Project presentations

5/2: (Extra class) Cockroach Labs: Raft Made Complex